Thursday, July 10, 2008

Two Poems

I wrote two poems when I was waiting for the bus back from the Honda dealership. I actually don't like either one, but I'll put them up because they're all I've written since I've been out here.

I'm bursting with feeling
But I can't let it out.
Like an aluminum balloon
Will fill up and be tied,
So I am filled with
Emotion stuck inside.
Don't know what type
Of air is in me
But there's too much.
And I can't find the words
that will untie the knot.

Here's the second. If anyone has ideas for titles, let me know. I guess I can call the first Aluminum Balloon

In the city
The noise is suffocating
The lights blind
The sidewalk pedestrian.

Gone are the days
When the moon and stars
Were streetlights to guide
Down the path of fallen leaves
Between tall trees.

Now the springiness
Missing from the concrete
Wreaks havoc on knees and feet
And bullies aside the grass.

That last stanza's got some issues. Especially with the springiness and the concrete and the missing wreaking havoc... Ideas to make that clearer?