Friday, January 23, 2009


This is dedicated for you,
who are in love,
who have been in love,
who - I hope - will always be in love.

Thank you for bringing back romance,
and roses, candles, songs,
balloons, pianos, and gifts,
and would-you-marry-me down on your knees,
into our lives.

maybe you thought we thought you were naive,
and as a matter of fact,
I think sometimes we did,
but don't let it discourage you from falling,
falling all the way through.

because maybe,
we were just missing our younger hearts,
maybe we were just missing the carefree feeling of taking chances,
maybe we were just missing the memory of being swept off our feet,
and washed away by waves of exultation and romanticism.

This is dedicated for you,
a good friend,
who filled our nights with wondrous tales,
of love fulfilled,
over late night lattes,
or beer,
or wine,
or the occasional straight vodka and leftovers.

I remember that night you were saying,
that you let your wild side roam free as your imagination followed the tracks of our adventures.

but you know what,
I think our imagination runs free with yours,
as you are living our painfully romantic sides,
that we have been painstakingly trying to curb,
in exchange for pragmatism,
and logic.

Thank you, SAM,
and I am wishing you a pleasant journey.

Ann Arbor, 01.21.2009