Monday, March 24, 2008


the unmentionable--
Everyone knows the reference
no one dares
to specify
the thing

The two letters that taunt
inserting themselves
never letting those
who know

Monday, March 17, 2008

Twitch revised

Alrighty, the spacing looks sort of right.
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I drink
         coffee. Go ahead,
Judge me. I am not a caffeine-a-holic, I am not
sleep-deprived, I am not looking for a
buzz.      But that doesn’t mean I don’t
            crave the jump,
want the energy, but not because I
            need it, I don’t
               need it to
         live, just to
            connect. I just
get it, get into the way the world
flows out of people to make explosions of
life with every foot that steps onto the ground
Coffee is the taste of
               knowledge of
all things in one cup, of
         cities breathing and screaming
               buildings living like animals
                     smells that look like your first love
               sounds that are the sense of a tear falling and
         faces that are John and yet Xerxes and Oscar Wilde and they are
all in my coffee.          One
         sip and I cannot
                  thinking about these things, I
                     cannot help but
      see everything
            at once and by the
               time my
                     coffee is gone,
                        my eyes are

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

No Place to Live

The outsider
roars through the garden,
upending the lives of
the ants, grass, and beetles.
He leaps for the ball and slides through their homes.
They cry out in fear
What will we do
with no place to live?

He comes home to learn
his house is in danger.
The wood is infested
by ravenous termites.
He cries out in fear
What will I do
with no place to live?

I wrote this while I was editing Vanity