Friday, February 15, 2008


This week our writing activity was the following:
1. Everyone write down 2 characters (like George Bush and the Easter Bunny)
2. Put all the entries in a hat
3. Everyone draw two entries
4. Write a dialog between the characters you drew.

The characters I drew were The Mighty Thor and President Taft. All I knew about Thor was that he was Norse, the god of the vikings, and much like Zeus otherwise. The only thing I knew about Taft was that he was a fat president with a mustache that got stuck in a tub once. My conversation follows:

Thor: (Booming from heavens) Stop eating, you madman!
Taft: (Twitches mustache) I'm hungry.
Thor: You are fat!
Taft: I am president!
Thor: How do you propose to explore your world...where you exist from MY benevolence?
Taft: I intend to not. I intend to finish my meal.
Thor: You fat wuss!
Taft: Come down here and say that to my face, you arrogant bastard.
Thor: (Appears with a bang across from Taft at his table with lightning bolt in hand, towering over the entire room) YOU FAT WUSS!
Taft: (Blinks. Wipes mouth) Excuse me. (Stands)
Taft: I intend to take a bath before my speech.
Thor: HA! ENJOY THAT "SPEECH"! (Disappears with a boom)
Taft: (Thinking) Whatever that meant.
Taft: Why can't I get out of this tub?