Thursday, June 22, 2006

Post-Hopwood Ruminations

I've just finished finalizing my short fiction entries for the Hopwoods... two stories, 49 pages. Gees. For anyone who's never submitted before, you have to include a pen name, and I really wanted to put some ridiculous one, like Julius T. Finkelbinder or Sprat Z. Swastikallica. Then I thought, maybe the judges would read my silly pen name, scoff, and say, "My, this student couldn't possibly be capable of writing serious lituturature. Indeed!" Or if I did win, would I really want to be acknowledged with a name like G.E. Sausagesphincter? So I caved and settled on Amelia J. Crux.

But someday, someday!

I promise an intelligent post some time in the near future. In the mean time, why not post the goofiest pen name you can think of? Goofy is better than intelligent at 3:37 AM.



Neil said...

Well, I would have voted for G.E. Sausagesphincter. That's a fantastic name.

Good luck with Hopwood!

Ankit said...

lol. you put lituturature. you can't possibly be capable of writing serious literature :-D Good luck!