Monday, June 19, 2006

Random thought on the blog

I don't know if this was planned already or what, but I think we should coordinate this with the meetings for those of us that can't make it and we should continue using this into the school year. We can post stuff shared at meetings, and share stuff posted here at meetings, too. I can volunteer to be recorder, or secretary, or whatever, during the year, when I'm around. Tell me what you think.


Josh said...

The blog is a great way to be a part of the group even when you can't make it to meetings. If the material that is brought to the actual meetings is posted on here as well as brought to the meetings, then everyone still has a chance to get their constructive criticism/comment/etc. in.

I know I'll be putting my works on both, just to get all the peer review I can. I'd definitely like to hone my writing ability, considering I have little to no formal training in the art, aside from a workshop class, and the basics.

Manisha said...

I agree! The summer meetings have usually been pretty tiny, and we don't process as much material, but I'm sure all the members who do bring in stuff to workshop would like to have more opinions on their work. So, go ahead, post it! I'll make it a point to announce this at the next meeting.

Also, a few meetings ago, we worked on collaborative pieces where each of us wrote a paragraph of a story, and those turned out pretty cool. I'm actually on vacation in NY right now, but as soon as I get back to Ann Arbor, I can put some of those up, too. Should be fun to read.

Thanks for the reminder, Ankit, Josh. It's great to see members from out of town being active on the blog :)