Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Magic Wallpaper

I wrote another story :) It can be found at (link) and on the post page. Comment please :D

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It all began when someone left the window open. Before that fateful day, it was just a normal bedroom. But after that, it turned into the emptiest 100 square feet in the universe. The emptiest, and yet the most alive.

No one quite knows what sort of devilish magic entered that day, but at first it seemed like a boon. The walls became so much more colorful. The wallpaper went from being drab and uninteresting to the most natural scenery you have ever seen. But if you looked closely, you could see the fear in all the faces of the birds and the bugs in the picture. I had a fantastic attraction to those frightened faces. Something about them made me never want to leave that room.

One afternoon, I stayed just a little too long. I was sitting on the bed reading my weekly novel when I suddenly felt a strong tug from behind me. Confused, I glanced behind me to find nothing. Suddenly, I felt pulled again and started sliding along the bed. It was like it was some crazy magnet and I was a piece of iron. I couldn't release myself from its pull. As my back hit the wall, I felt myself losing motion and then started to feel myself flattening into the wallpaper. Within fifteen minutes, I was part of the scenery. Then I understood why all the other animals were so lifelike and frightened.

Behind the wall, everything still had its voice. I obviously couldn't understand any of the animals, but they were clearly just as frightened as they were when they got pulled in—as was I. None of us could move, and we were all stuck looking into the room, but we still had our minds and souls, and our thoughts echoed in this crazy world we were stuck in. I often wonder if that's what plants feel like. It stayed like this for a few weeks; I could tell by counting the sunsets. Then one day, someone else found the room. I wanted to yell to her to leave before she fell victim to the same fate as we had, but I was unable to do anything in the world from whence I came. There was something different about this woman, though. She had an air about her I can't describe. She carried herself like a queen and always wore the same flowing, white robes with the same flowery, white crown. She was tall and moved with a grace that surpasses that of a butterfly.

Day after day, she came into the room and sat down, looking around her with a look of satisfaction on her face. If I hadn't know any better, I would almost have called that look smug. Around the end of the fifth week of my capture, something amazing happened. The lady came into the room again, and sat down on the bed with that same look on her face. But this time, when she looked around the room, her gaze stopped by the window. She walked over to the wall by the window and stopped in front of a large ant. She looked at it for a while and muttered something I couldn't understand. Then she stroked it twice with that long, slender finger of hers. As her finger moved down the back of the ant the second time, it gained form and body, and left the wallpaper. She petted the freed ant softly and then put it down by her feet. Then, standing tall again, she spread her arms, palms up, and started muttering, in what sounded like the same language as before. Slowly, she started shrinking, both vertically and horizontally. Her arms flattened out while her hair started growing into her head. Feathers started sprouting up everywhere as her legs became stalks. Her nose elongated and her eyes spread out across her face. Then suddenly, there was a dove standing in her place. She bent down, grabbed the ant in her beak, and flew up to the windowsill. Looking back once more at her trap, she let out a satisfied chirp and flew out away from the cursed room.

Every day since then, I've been hoping for another magician to come and undo this incantation she placed on my third floor bedroom.


fizah said...

great storytelling!

i have a few questions though.

the main character seemed to be very coping well even when he;s stuck on the other side of the wallpaper. what does he do to kill time?

why did the magician curse the room?

did she eat the ant?

i like this story but i'd love for it to be more developed.

good job! you've such an imagination.

Ankit said...

1. I'm not sure. I couldn't really come up with anything. What can he really do other than think about lots of random things?

2. and 3. are left up to the reader to decide.

I want it more developed, too; I was just stuck for ideas on what to develop it with. :P

Ankit said...

oh, he/she.

Neil said...

Put the whole story into the blog using the new long post method!

Sean said...

You've got an incredible imagination, but I think I'm a little lost by the nature of the piece. Just to clarify:

Someone left the window open and a magician enchanted the room.

Said enchantment turns the main character into wallpaper.

The main character might one day get eaten by the magician?

Hm, well the sensory details are amazing, but the nature of the story is pretty trippy. Not too much room for the main character to be developed either (no pun intended), but what can you do?

Ankit said...

lol thanks. That would be exactly the plot. Although, he/she might not necessarily get eaten. I just thought I'd make it clear the magician had enchanted the room and wasn't a savior. Because I think I was originally going towards that, but then it was recommended I do something like this instead, and I capitalized on it.