Wednesday, September 19, 2007

An old poem

I decided to post this because it's very old, and the plant to which it pertains has finally been repotted. Poor thing. I think it's been... 6 years?


Bamboo plant is looking brown
Crispy leaves scattered all around
I think that plant is a little parched
Haven’t watered it since March
Used to be a thing I loved
Now it’s going to plant heaven above
The sun that used to be its friend
Is bringing it to its tragic end
Photosynthesis can’t take place
If I don’t toss some water in that vase
I think I’ll just throw that plant away
It’s surely seen some better days

I’m holding it above the can
But suddenly, something grabs my hand
Bamboo plant! It lives and fights!
And I am what it wants to smite!
It curls its leaves around my neck
It’s just a plant?! What the heck?!
I never expected retaliation
Now I am filled with trepidation
Bamboo plant has had enough
It’s ready to be strong and tough
It knows it won’t be the one to croak
As I continue to be choked
There is no hope; I commence to crying
I know it’s me who’s really dying
I confess my sins as I begin to pant
I should’ve watered the bamboo plant


Josh said...

I like it. It seems to crescendo and speed up as it approaches the end.

Ankit said...

I agree. I also like the way the poem is separated into description and action.

CDiVizio said...

highly amusing. A couple of the lines were a little awkward, though; considering some of them have such nice syllabic uniformity, the ones that have several extra or several fewer syllables seemed odd.

Also, the question mark after "It's just a plant", even when followed by an exclamation point is a little confusing for a second, since obviously "It's just a plant" doesn't really hint at a question............ or does it? :)