Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Here is Where my Mind and Body Lie

Here is Where my Mind and Body Lie

Here is where my mind and body lie, but it is not where they belong

They follow the motions, follow the purpose, but they follow blind

Their blindness of the world, the reality that flows by,

Can only be caused by the loss of their organ of nonsense and illusion

And what is reality if fantasy is lost, but a drudgery of hard truth

Oh, how can this be found, this fantasy and disparity

But through a replacement of the lost organ, a new hope

Or connection with the lost, the one detached, to find the link

Between the past and present, and its contrasting fantasies,

To make the future so bright and find the line

The line is found, oh long thin thread of desire,

How it separates the real from not, and not at all

How can it be followed, but with the lost organ

Only a heart will do, to find the me that finds you

The heart was there all along, but with the one I love,

To keep me centered on the path of life,

To give me hope in times of trouble,

To remind me of the reality of the present,

To inspire my fantasies of the future,

To ground my thoughts when they flew too far,

And to love her when times get hard.