Thursday, October 18, 2007

On the Radio

I would love lots of help on this one, I love the idea of the piece and I during classes have caught myself writing more lines to this piece of Poetic-Prose instead of taking notes.

So any suggestions, ESPECIALLY things to work on, would be greatly appreciated,

On The Radio

My friend is on the radio

Making me cry a little

With every dedication

To all of us who left

Yet we can't seem to call him

To tell him that we love him

The "On Air" button flashes red

But all the phones are dead

Am I next?

Life tells me let go

But teacher can't you see

He was my hero first

I just watched him grow

Tell me to stop breathing

Cause I just might do that

But don't tell me not to love


God, don't forget me

Don't tell me there is no home

Lie to me if you have to

I don't want to feel alone'

There is more to it, but its really long so you can find it on my blog

Thanks so much in advance