Thursday, October 18, 2007


it is somewhat intoxicating absorbing what you don't want to absorb, the mathematics of the life you're wishing to lead. the economy of words is lost on you, you spurt out words you don't want to be said, and in these exhilarating moments, you wish for someone to save you, take you away. or perhaps, just take your breath away.

between the hello and goodbyes, we seek comfort in the approximation of each human quality that we tend to deduce. between the polite smiles and awkward handshakes we find in the touch that lasted a second, a closeness, a sharing of melancholic sentiments. we are alone, in our worlds, apart, and yet intimate.

you took my breath away.

in these ways of love, as they used to say, amor vincit omnia.

and there we are.

I brought this for workshop tonight and got really helpful feedbacks :) . Just wondering what everyone else think about this.

the latin words up there mean 'love conquers all'


AlexB said...

This isn't in reference to your poem directly but, by any chance, Ralph Williams English 350? Just saying that because of the description of the Prioress in the Prologue of Canterbury Tales.

fizah said...

yeah! haha. are u in that class too? I am still working on the paper that's due tomorrow.

AlexB said...

I am in that class and I am stuck at 4 pages and I really really don't like the way my paper is turning out. However, with a Bible in my hand and the pressing of time having completely obliterated any barriers of rationality, I am pulling out insane parallels and whatnot. I am going to fail this paper hard, ha.

fizah said...

oh yes, i feel you my friend. it is now mostly incoherent ramblings of - i dont even know.