Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bursley-Baits Bus

Sometimes you just need to alliterate the fuck out of some verse:

In yore-days came hither the Bursley-Baits bus, human-heavy;
the steersman stopping that I might mount, murder on my brow outwrit.
Fool-filled was that iron-steed, its seating scarce;
my steel-sword strong, 'mongst startled seat-sitters
I upraised calumnious keening: cried they oft of my man-mace's might.
Ragefully ravaged I those wretches, fell threats roaring,
balefully blasted I their bones, brain-broth drinking.
Sometime a loathsome lout the stop-string smote, anon was he swiftly slain.
“Hark!” blaired I, “No-man disembarks ere we CC Little!”
I a marauding murder-maker, a transport-terror hailed.
Soothly, all submitted to my awesome strength!

Any comments on how to make this poem more badass welcome!


Jeremy L said...

wow, this is pretty badass as it is already! this would make a great spoken piece, if we do another audio album. perhaps the last line could use another alliterative word, like: Verily, all submitted to my awesome strength.

the consonants you alliterate with are all very powerful- 'b's especially

great work!

Josh said...

Simply amazing. I definitely want to hear this as a spoken word piece when it comes to making our next CD!