Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some Day

Another I just found in my random writings folder- I don't remember writing some of this... hope I didn't steal it from someone. Here it is:

You’ll find me at the edge of time

The end of all things

The beginning of what’s to come

You’ll find me enduring the fiercest storm

Wind lashing my face

Rain flooding my bones and drowning my soul

You’ll find me kneeling before nothing

Penance paid to virtue

Soon I’ll find my destiny among those who’ve gone before

You’ll find me again, after all of this is through

I’ll laugh and smile to the breaking point

Someday I will have my time


Ankit said...

Oh man. Great poem, but I really don't like the last line. It makes it seem so 12-year-old-emo for some reason. It just feels like a weak ending to a powerful poem. Maybe I'm just weird, though. Maybe switch the last two?

Jeremy L said...

I took away the last line- after I read it again, (I didn't read it or do anything to it since I wrote it more than a year ago) I realized I didn't like it either. I hope this new finish is more crisp. (I also added a few words to what is now the second-to-last line).